Aged to Perfection


Everybody loves a cute young filly with long spindly legs bucking around the field. It’s impossible not to drop your jaw at the sight of an Arabian stallion with a long, flowing mane trotting perfectly in the ring or to be amazed at the sheer power of six meaty Clydesdales effortless pulling a hitch. That’s easy.

What isn’t as easy for the casual viewer, is seeing the beauty in a senior horse. His back may be swayed, his legs not as straight as they once were, his knees a little knocky, some white around his muzzle, and some clouds may cover his once sparkling eyes. But if you look hard enough into those tired eyes, you’ll see something you won’t see anywhere else. It’s all the people he has let climb onto his once strong back, all the people he has lifted to new heights. It’s the little girls who were told they weren’t supposed to be tough but learned it was okay to be strong and independent. It’s the boys who finally got to be real cowboys instead of just pretending. It’s the adults who got to step back from the nine to five and feel innocent childlike joy again. It’s love and it’s hope. That’s the beauty of an old gelding.

Jessica Summerford