My, Oh Marfa



**Perfectly normal day**

Grant: “Hey, let’s go to Marfa tomorrow!”

Jamie: “Yes!”

Jess: “Okay let’s go!”


We get together spur of the moment and hit the road. It’s a long drive full of talks and jams and cockroach dance moves and a few moments that would make Cher proud. We get to the campsite after midnight and realize we forgot the tent. Lucky for us, the sky had 0% chance of rain and 100% chance of stars that could kill. We snuggle up, listen to the coyotes yip, and enjoy the view. Quiet moments like this leave me in sheer awe of the Lord’s craftsmanship in creation.


The sun wakes us and we enjoy it’s warmth. After packing up, we revel in the beauty of a good breakfast taco then soak up a latte that could change the world. We meander through the empty and artsy streets. This place makes you slow down. It makes you take notes. It makes you relish in the stillness. Grant smiles his way into a free chocolate croissant and we sneak our way into a hotel’s private courtyard with a pool. We play dominoes and snuggle with the pups and read and relax and gab. In the evening, we find ourselves eating Mexican food with chopsticks after meeting a man named Michael.


Another beautiful sunrise stirs us awake and we migrate home. Family is good. When family can be friends too, it’s great. Living slow, taking notes, and ready for more surprises.

Jessica Summerford