Howdy, I'm Jess.

I am painfully awkward at saying goodbye, so I do my ancestors proud with my Irish Exits.

I have pretty thick skin, but am an absolute crybaby when it comes to worship, weddings, prayer, and well-earned applauses. 

Breakfast is okay any and all times of the day. Mexican food is okay any and all days of the week. 

I have a massive family and adore those crazy people.

Myers-Briggs calls me an INFJ and the Enneagram calls me a 2.

Favorite films: Waking Ned Devine, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Cool Runnings, Miracle, and Master of Disguise

Favorite books: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and Man's Search for Meaning


Life is better when we collaborate.

If you're interested in booking a session, making art together, or just want to tell your story... Drop me a line below.

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